Model ACH Dual Disk Subscriber

Model ACH Dual Disk Subscriber

The dual-disc subscribers of the ACH series are designed for large extensions, being used for power tractors from 100 hp.

Powder-painted sheet metal hoppers with an anticorrosive primer.

Powder-painted steel chassis with an anticorrosive primer.

The BMC dual-disk subscriber was designed for distribution at release of granulated or calcareous powder fertilizers and seeds in general with absolute precision. Our products have passed the control locks and the danger points are perfectly detailed in compliance with the regulations described by the Machinery Directive 2006/42-EC for agricultural machinery.

The BMC double plate group ensures a perfect distribution and a symmetrical spread of the fertilizer. All elements in contact with the fertilizer are made of stainless steel, which ensures a long life to the group. The double-plate group offers a perfect spread up to a width of 24 m.

Models ACH 1500 ACH 2000 ACH 2500 ACH 2800
Hopper content 1500 l 2000 l 2500 l 2800 l
Maximum capacity 3095 kg 3095 kg 3095 kg 3095 kg
Maximum height 125 cm 140 cm 155 cm 160 cm
Length 153 cm 153 cm 153 cm 153 cm
Width 235 cm 255 cm 255 cm 255 cm
Weight 374 kg 410 kg 428 Kg 440 kg